About Us

Early on in our marriage we invested in a rental property and we enjoyed every aspect of it. Shortly thereafter, we turned our passions into a business of caring for properties and making them beautiful. Now, we manage over 80 units, from single family homes to multi unit buildings. Every property we care for is unique and special to us. We take pride in managing and maintaining each space.

During our first year in business, we worked hard to gain Tarion certification and now we build and sell new homes in Lanark county. In addition to new builds, our skilled team are available to our clients to turn over and fix rental units at a moments notice. We provide regular inspections to ensure the buildings are safe and in good order.

Matt Mackey
Co-owner of MTM, Matt is skilled, knowledgeable and personable. He works hard on each project to ensure quality from start to finish. He takes pride in his team and the sub trades that he works with regularly. 
Tegan Mackey
Co-owner of MTM, mother of three and teacher for over 10 years. Tegan mainly works with the tenants and oversees the administrative duties. She loves the relationship she has with the owners and tenants and works hard to keep everyone happy. Matt would say she also loves looking at paint colours and all aspects of the design process. 

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